Social & Equality Issues

UCCSU has a strong equality ethos and is at the forefront of activism and rights movements. Here you will find diverse materials on the topics concerning equality in UCC. If you require any advice or further information, please contact or

UCCSU Equality Working Group

The UCCSU equality working group were established to ensure that the rights of students are upheld in UCC and the wider society. The working group is chaired by the Equality officer who sits on UCCSU exec and is also comprised of the international students’, mature
students’, gender, lgbt and disability officers.


Gender Equality

Gender discrimination is alive and well in the 21st Century, with stereotyping of both sexes and discriminatory practices in evidence in both education and work. The resources below provide information on feminist and women’s movements in Ireland:

If you become pregnant during your stay at UCC don’t hesitate to contact your welfare officer who can put you in contact with people who can help. UCC has a pregnancy policy and you can view it here.

UCC provides a creche service for its students and staff. Creche Cois Laoi is located on the ground of Brookfield Health Sciences Complex and offers a full creche service as well as after schools. More info and details can be found on their website here. UCCSU offers a subsidy for use of the crèche to our students. For more information contact your welfare officer at Remember not only women are discriminated against because of their gender. Men are also
discriminated against for a number of reasons. If you feel your rights have been infringed upon and need someone to talk to, send a message to

Mature Students

Mature students comprise 8% of the student population in UCC – that’s a sizable portion! If you are a mature student and want to learn more about your options as an adult learner, Aontas is the organisation for adult learners in Ireland.

Don’t forget that there is a mature students society – run by students – they organise events and workshops for mature students in UCC. To find out their contact details check out their website.

The Mature Students Office, led by Mary O’ Sullivan, is an office all mature students would be familiar with. Their website can be found here.  We now run a mature student common room from the windle building. This service is a hive of activity with hundreds of students passing through each week. It’s a great space for
meeting students in the same situation as you. If you have any further questions contact our mature students officer at

LGBT Students

About 10% of any given population is LGBT, and in UCC we have an active and engaging community. Our union are very supportive of the LGBT community and we have one of the most successful LGBT societies in Ireland!

for more information contact your LGBT rights officer at

Coming out

College is a place for you to discover new things and UCC is a safe space for you to come out as LGBT. Coming out can be a stressful process and there is a strong network of supports to help you at this important time of your life. You can contact your welfare officer at who can guide you towards those who can help or you can contact the lgbt society, where you can meet other members of the LGBT community.

International Students

International Students are vital to the workings of UCC – overseas students are found in every class in every college and faculty. They are taken care of by the International Education Office (website here).

The Irish Council for International Students can be found here. There is also an international students society and you can contact the International
students’ officer at for more information.

Disabled Students

Whether your disability is physical, sensory, a mental health disorder, specific learning disability or if you suffer from a chronic ongoing illness, there are supports available for you. Students with disabilities are supported by the Disability Support Service (DSS) here in UCC. Nationally, AHEAD (Association for Higher Education Access and Disability) is an independent non-profit organisation working to promote full access to and participation in further and higher education for students with disabilities and to enhance their employment prospects on graduation.

Socially disadvantaged students

UCC plus work with underrepresented students leaving school through the higher education access route (hear). Working with secondary schools, the UCC PLUS+
Programme (formerly Access Programme) seeks to target students and to provide motivational and educational asssistance to them throughout their secondary schooling to enhance their ability to compete for third level places. Currently there are a number of schools and colleges of further education linked to
the Programme for this purpose. You can find their information here.

USI Equality
Síona Cahill,
Equality Officer
Union of Students in Ireland (USI),
First Floor,
3-4 St. Agnes Road,
Dublin 12.

Phone: 01 7099300
Fax: +353-1-709 9302