Healthy Eating

It’s important to eat right so that your body and brain get the nutrients they need and you can work to the best of your ability.

Are you sick of going coming home at the end of a day to an empty fridge? Do you never know what to make? Do you have beans and toast coming out of your ears? If so then is the place for you. Sign up at and you can pick up 4 days worth of food every Monday from designated student accommodations around Cork. The best part is that it only costs €12! Each order contains 4 pieces of meat and plenty of veg, you can even get recipes on the college dinners website, so don’t worry if you can’t cook at the start of the year, by the time you finish you’ll be a regular Jamie Oliver.

Eating disorders

The department of health estimates that up to 200,000 people in Ireland may be affected by eating disorders. Eating disorder come in many forms and may include those where you don’t get enough nutrients such as bulimia or anorexia, or those where you eat too much such as binge eating disorders. If you’re worried about your eating habits you can talk to your welfare officer or log on to for more information.