Budgeting Advice

If you would like comprehensive information on grant applications, budgeting or financial issues you can contact UCC’s budgetary advisor.
UCC Student Budgetary Advisor at studentbudgetingadvice@ucc.ie or phone 021 490 2151 
or make an appointment by clicking here.

If  you want further budgetary advice or require it urgently, you can log on to www.mabs.ie
 If you find yourself in your own personal financial crisis, please don’t hesitate to contact the welfare officer, but for advice on budgeting you should contact the budgetary advisor on 021 490 2151.

Tips for Saving Money
  • Shop in Lidl or Tesco and look for ‘own brand’ items.
Buy in Bulk, it’s much cheaper in the long run.
  • Avoid convenience foods or other prepared meals.
Keep your eyes peeled for special offers…never eaten noodles 
before? You do now!
  • Never shop when you’re hungry
  • Shop with a list so that
 you don’t buy unnecessary items.
Go home for lunch if you’re near enough for; if not, bring lunch to
 collegee. It’s much cheaper.
  • UCCSU run a second-hand bookshop so that you can buy your books there at a much reduced price.
  • Charity shops have great bargain buys.
  • Turn off the lights when you leave the room, and try to save 
energy around the house, wasting electricity or heating will cost
 you now!
  • Share a Taxi after a night out in Cork City.
  • Remember, keep a look out for deals in college as well!

For a handy budgeting sheet and template, visit www.mabs.ie

Getting a job

It may be necessary for you to get a job. If so it is important to have an up to date and strong CV. You can make an appointment with UCC Careers Service to talk about your career after graduation, how to apply for a job now, have a mock interview or have your CV assessed by a professional. You can get more information on the careers service at http://www.ucc.ie/en/careers where you can also make an appointment with a staff member.