Student Health Centre

The aim of the Student Health Department is that every student remains healthy of mind and body during their University life and will provide whatever help they can to help each student achieve this. They have limited resources so  all students are reminded of the need to be registered with a local General Practitioner. This service is complementary to the services available to every student though their General Practitioner and cannot and does not purport to be responsible for the provision of General Practitioner services to any student.

The Student Health Department seeks to provide services that target illnesses and problems that occur in the University Student population. It does not seek to, and is not resourced to provide a full GP service but has a range of services that may not be as easily accessible in the community. They do provide the following services

If any student is worried about a health problem, they can arrange an appointment with the Student health Department Service on 021-4902311 or call to the department where the receptionist will arrange a clinic appointment for you. Note: It is not possible to book an appointment via e-mail or on-line.  If a student is acutely ill on the day, their problem may initially be assessed by a nurse and if necessary seen by the doctor as soon as possible.

All consultations are completely confidential, and will only be revealed to others with your consent. All medical notes are also confidential and remain in the Student Health Department. They do not form part of any student’s academic file.