Kate Moriarty

Deputy President and Campaigns Officer

086 0226814



Oh hi, didn’t see you there! My name is Kate Moriarty and I’m your Deputy President and Campaigns Officer on this years Students’ Union. I’m a Cork girl, born and bred. I studied English and Psychology, meaning I can read books and minds.

My job is really split in two halves for the year. Firstly, Deputy President basically entails me to fill in for Eolann when he is unable to do so/too busy. Sitting on committees to ensure there is student representation being heard at a University level.

Secondly, Campaigns Officer.  My goals for campaigns for the year is to rally the UCC Student Body who will unite in tackling issues like funding and access to higher and further education and equality in our society. Some areas I would like to campaign in this year include sexual health, LGBT* campaigns, pronoun/gender awareness, academic campaigns, Green campus, disability access, employment rights just to mention a few! Give me a shout if you have a campaign idea or want to get involved in a particular campaign being ran – I’d only be delighted!

Campaigns are driven by the passion to make a change. It only takes a few people to start a conversation. Some campaigns this year will need as many voices as possible. Changes on the horizon might not affect us, but might affect the next generation, our children, nieces, nephews. I want to ensure that UCC students’ voices are just not loud but heard and respected by our University and our government. So get stuck in! Don’t hesitate to contact me or pop into the office!

Your Students’ Union are here for you, we’re here to ensure you have the best time possible in your time in UCC. You have an amazing adventure ahead of you, I truly hope you enjoy every last second of it!