Ian Hutchinson

Education Officer

086 383 6792



My name’s Ian Hutchinson and I am your Education Officer for the year. I’m 22 years old and I’m from the Northside of Cork City. I’m a graduate of the College of Arts, having completed a BA in Economics and Politics and a HDip in History, so I’ve been around a while (God I feel old…). My job is to give you advice on any issues you’re having with your course and to represent your academic interests on University committees. If you’re having any issues at all with your course – be it a problem with your lectures or tutorials, you’re not sure if you like your course, you can’t find a room or you’re nervous about exams – just give me a shout; I’m always there to help and listen. You can ring, email or call into the office. I’m also responsible for the class rep system along with the College Reps and Council Chair.

Class reps are vital in dealing with any issues you have and representing your views at Student Council. Elections will be taking place over the 19th – 30th of September – don’t be afraid to get involved! It’s a fantastic experience that you’ll get so much out of. Being a rep gives you the chance to represent your class, make new friends and fight for causes that you believe in! You’ll have the best days of your life in college. You’ll have the opportunity to join clubs and societies, make new friends and memories to last a lifetime! However it’s also important to remember that you are in UCC to get the best degree you possibly can. That degree may allow you to achieve your dream of becoming a doctor, lawyer, teacher or scientist. So along with time for friends, clubs and societies be sure to make some time for sufficient study. Best of luck, I hope you have a fantastic year!