Eoghan Sheelan





Hey! My name is Eolann and I’m the President of your Students’ Union for the year to come. I have spent the last 4 years studying to become a Civil Engineer, although admittedly only half of my last four years was spent actually studying,  the other half was spent experiencing all the student life UCC has to offer!
I’m the head of the Union, the one who keeps an eye on all the other officers, although they also keep an eye one me!
You’re probably thinking I’m the boss, but in fact I’ve 20,000 bosses, the Students, who we’re here to serve. I also represent the Students’ Union in the media, so you’ll more than likely hear me on the radio giving out about bits and bobs or getting given out to – particularly around Raise and Give Week. If you want to get in touch, pop me an email on president@uccsu.ie or you can tweet me @UCCSUPres or just drop into the office on 54 college road, no questing is too big or too small and hopefully I’ll be able to point you in the right direction!