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Martin Scally


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Seán Ó Riabhaigh

Deputy President & Campaigns

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Barry O'Shea

Commercial & Communications Officer

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Tadhg Casey

Education Officer

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Kelly Coyle

Welfare Officer

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Ben Dunlea

Entertainments Officer

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Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences

Amy Poland


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Laura Mitchell


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Ronan Carey


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Faye Murphy

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Equality Working Group:

The Equality Working Group is a 8-person team chaired by the UCCSU Equality Officer. The EWG promotes and upholds international students, mature students, gender, LGBT and disability rights in both UCC and elsewhere.
Ciara McCarthy is the Equality Officer for the year. She sits on the Student Union Executive Committee and her job is to ensure every student who walks through the gates of UCC is treated with equal respect, regardless of nationality, orientation, gender, age or ability. She wants to have a greater presence on campus that ever before and to carry on the proud tradition of equality and fairness that have always been a hallmark of UCC.
If you have any issues or queries, or even if you just want to chat, you can contact her at