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Eolann Sheehan


kate Moriarty

Deputy President and Campaigns Officer

Kelly Doherty

Commercial & Communications Officer

Ian Hutchinson

Education Officer

Rory O'Donnell

Welfare Officer

Bee McCarthy


Part Time Leaders

Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences

Aaron Frahill


Business and Law

Kayleigh O'Sullivan


Medicine and Health

Art Kelleher


Science, Engineering and Food Science

Brian Hegarty 


Irish Officer:


Ann Hallissey  is the Irish Officer for the year. She'll be working on promoting usage of the Irish language across campus and will be running campaigns such as Seachtain Na Gaeilge.

Contact her at

Equality Working Group:

The Equality Working Group is a 8-person team chaired by the UCCSU Equality Officer. The EWG promotes and upholds international students, mature students, gender, LGBT and disability rights in both UCC and elsewhere. Ciara McCarthy is the Equality Officer for the year. She sits on the Student Union Executive Committee and her job is to ensure every student who walks through the gates of UCC is treated with equal respect, regardless of nationality, orientation, gender, age or ability. She wants to have a greater presence on campus that ever before and to carry on the proud tradition of equality and fairness that have always been a hallmark of UCC. If you have any issues or queries, or even if you just want to chat, you can contact her at 

Lorraine Donovan

Lorraine Donovan is this year’s Mature Student Officer. As a mature student herself she knows well the challenges that a mature student can face entering college and she uses this experience to the advantage of her campaigns. She wants to encourage a more open welcoming environment for mature students. She is contactable at


Dylan O'Keefe

Dylan O'Keefe will be your Gender Equality Officer this year. As this year’s Gender Equality Officer, Dylan's job is to ensure that the activities of the Student’s Union promote gender equality to the greatest extent possible. He also acts as a person with whom students may raise concerns relating to gender equality within UCC. He is contactable at

Niamh O'Reilly

Niamh O'Reilly is the LGBT Rights Officer. They work with a variety of LGBT rights organisations to promote equality for people of all sexualities as well as the trans community.

Ciara O'Mahony

Ciara O'Mahony is the Disability Rights Officer and will work with a wide range of disability organisations to help make UCC more accessible to those with both physical and hidden disabilities. This year Ciara plans to increase awareness of disability issues in UCC and promote awareness of how to get involved. 

Jill Kingston

Jill Kingston is the SAMH Officer and will be working on awareness of mental health issues throughout the year and will be getting involved in all SAMH related campaigns. Contact her