Tickets for official SU events are usually on sale in the ticket office in the Students' Centre

Also keep a look out on campus as we will sometimes sell tickets from stands by the main rest and in front of the mail library.

Keep an ear to the ground on our Facebook and Twitter for the latest news on tickets and events.

College Balls

Each course within UCC has it's own formal ball with the exception of onla a few

Balls are amongst the best events in college, they range from smaller courses of 30-40 people having a formalget-together, to large balls such as the Arts Ball which has up to 1,000 people in one big night. Many courses have awards at their balls, both serious and mock awards for members of the class. If your course does not have a ball please get in contact and we will work to put one on.

R&G Week

RAG Week 2016 is taking place from Feb 14th - Feb 19th

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