Examinations in UCC

The most stressful time in any student’s life….Exams. But there is one thing we all seem to forget in the last minute panic, the exam can’t kill you so there’s no need to be so afraid of it. Keep the month of April as free as you can, don’t take holidays or a part time job. The library will be jammers but we will have other study spaces set up so keep an eye on CollegeRoad.ie. April is not a month off it’s a study month so use it wisely even when the sun is shining get your study hours done.

A few things to remember
  • Check is your timetable laid out well. If your exams are too close together your Class Rep can request a change but this needs to be done early so as soon as the timetable go up check it.
  • Group study can be much more productive than struggling on in the library on your own. Set up a group, they don’t all need to be in your class, and set break times to motivate the entire group. Studying with classmates can be a great chance to work through past papers together.
  • Plan your study. Break up each module into topics and set achievable goals. It will feel good to tick off each thing as you go and you will be able to gauge how you are doing overall.
  • Ask your Class Rep to organise extra tutorials for your class. Many lecturers will be delighted
  • to run through any topics you have struggled with but may request questions are sent in before the tutorial. They may also drop hints on what will come up but many set the exam a few months before so may not remember what the asked. Be careful with trusting exam hints…it’s usually better to go over past papers.
On Exam Day

Make sure you have your timetable printed, your exam number is on it, and you have your student card, pencil case, water bottle, ruler and calculator etc.
If you are unwell during exam time contact your department office and let them know. If you go to a Doctor make sure the Exams and Records Office get a copy of any Medical Certs. Ask me if you have any questions! You can email me on education@uccsu.ie.

Assessment Types

There are various types of assessment in UCC. These vary from exams to essay, tutorials or labs. It is important to check what type of assessment each module you do uses. When you have a choice of modules pick the modules which assessment suits you. Last year I picked modules that had essays and research opposed to exams and as a result I had no end of year exams. Yet if you are good at exams pick subjects with exams and you will perform at your best.


You should never miss a deadline without letting your lecturer or supervisor know. If you have a genuine reason for falling behind they will usually allow you extra time to complete your work. Always get in touch with them before the deadline arrives as you may be docked marks for late submissions or given no mark at all. You will find the marking schemes in the Book of Modules and your lecturer must stick to this for the entire year so surprise tests cannot go toward your final marks. If you miss an exam, class or deadline for medical reasons make sure you hand a copy of your doctor’s note into your department office and the original into the Exams & Records Office.